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KitchenAid ARCHITECT™ II Dual Drawer Dishwasher

 IIDual Drawer Dishwasher

Model No: KUDH03DTSS

9 Reviews

  • 5 Wash Cycles w/ 3 Options
  • Pro Wash™ Additional Spray Bar
  • Energy Star®
  • 4 Hour Delay Wash Option
  • 57 dBA Quiet Sound Feature
Available Colors/Finishes
Stainless Steel (KUDH03DTSS) $1,449.00
Black (KUDH03DTBL) $1,349.00

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5 Wash Cycles w/ 3 Options

Pro Wash™ Additional Spray Bar

Energy Star®

4 Hour Delay Wash Option

57 dBA Quiet Sound Feature

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Itaian made beauty by Fulgor Milano of Italy

by: Mikey

Location: Mikey

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.


Submitted: 08-23-2017

This dishwasher is a KitchenAid best kept secret. It replaced our Kitchen Aid KUDD01DPPA made by Fisher Paykel. This unit, the Double Drawer KUDH03DTSS Dishwasher is made for KitchenAid by Fulgor Milano of Italy for the Architect Series. It is slightly larger in LxHxW than the past Kitchenaid drawers made by Fisher Paykel. Fulgor Milano only made this set of drawers for a few years. Its control panel is completely integrated on top of each drawer and invisible until the drawers are opened. Everything on this Fulgor Milano drawer dishwasher is much more beefy than the previous Fisher Paykel units. We've owned it over three years and had zero issues. It has the option to use a heavy-duty cycle that uses a few more gallons of water that's perfect for cleaning anything except burnt or dried on sauces. No Fisher Paykel of KitchenAid drawer dishwasher will remove those kinds of stains. Our water quality is a 7/10 on the hardness scale. Because of its minimal water usage it only takes 2 Tbsp. of Cascade powder for each HD cycles. Regular cycles use even less. This true High Efficiency dishwasher is perfect for large families or those who entertain. The ability to have one drawer to stage your dirty dishes while the other drawer is running means that dirty dishes NEVER have to wait in the sink or countertops.

I have had this set of dishwasher drawers for 12 years. They

by: Vicky

Location: Reno,Nevada

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.


Submitted: 04-22-2017

I have had this dishwasher set for 12 years and love them. At last I am looking to replace them but now KA doesn't make them! Not sure what we will do as we have loved having two dishwashers in our small space

Great Idea, Terrible Execution

by: Ben

Location: Issaquah, WA

No, I would not recommend this to a friend.


Submitted: 01-12-2017

This dishwasher came with the purchase of the house, which we completed in May 2016. Since then, we have contacted our home warranty company three times due to the dishwasher either not cleaning, not draining, leaking, or a combination of all three. In addition to the continual failures, neither drawer is easy to load (think Tetris for your dishes) and the capacity, due to the dual drawers rather than one single tub, is lacking, especially for awkward items (tall, long, etc...). There is a reason KitchenAid no longer manufactures dishwashers of this type.

You can Practically Pour your Dishes in this thing.

by: Mikey

Location: South Orange County

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.


Submitted: 02-05-2016

We are long time drawer dishwasher owners. A service call involving an inexperienced tech resulted in our first Kitchenaid drawers being damaged beyond repair. Accolades to the staff at KitchenAid HQ. They assisted us in navigating through the debacle the repair tech and their company created. Ultimately, Kitchenaid told them buy us a new dishwasher of our choosing. Our damaged K/A Architect Series was manufactured by F/P (KUDD01DPPA). It was no longer available new. We went back to Pacific Sales where we purchased our first set of drawers eight years ago. It was a new floor model. As luck would have it, the same PS store in San Juan Capistrano had another K/A drawer floor model. We were told the K/A brand was no longer available on drawer dishwashers after Approx. 2011. The KUDH03DTSS(3) Architect Series we purchased was the last version manufactured by K/A. It has a 3 at the end of the model number. It has only one drain hose vs. two connected via a "y" at the end of the hose. These last K/A drawers dishwashers are NOT made by Fisher Paykel. They are a much more stout and robust version made by Fulgor-Milano of Italy. The Fulgor/Kitchenaid drawers are slightly larger at 24"x23 3/8"x33 3/4" whereas the F/P drawers measure 22 7/8"x23 7/16"x32 5/16". This K/A-Fulgor drawer is a completely integrated (no buttons on exterior) and had zero wiggle room to fit under our counter with the pegs adjusted down 100%. It's the crème de la crème of all the drawers K/A ever offered. In Europe this D/W carries the Fulgor nameplate instead of K/A. The interior is a hair smaller due to the larger drawer slide rails. The interior of this D/W matches what K/A now offers in its full size high-end refrigerators as "Platinum." The illusion of flowing water is common to hear during normal operation. We heard of this prior to installing it and used "Hushmat" self-adhesive sound deadener to all but eliminate it. We installed it on the the drawers, making sure it was 100% clear of any parts that may run interference with it. Hushmat has decades of proven ability not come off in extreme heat, cold, or humidity. The ability to almost push the dishes off the counter into the drawers allows unlimited configurations to fill the dishwasher. Because of this, one drawer will hold almost as much as a conventional D/W. Remove a silverware basket on one or both drawers to allow even more room for huge pots. They can be loaded in like a kid's cup stacking game from smallest to largest. Our water chemistry requires us to use less than 1/4 full of D/W soap. This K/A or any D/W in our area will suffer hard water stains if more is used w/o a soft water machine hooked up to the home. Lastly, the drawers' high efficiency. In our drought conditions, drawers are the way to go. This is not the D/W advertised on TV that removes dried on, burnt, meatloaf from a glass baking dish to new condition. It's just close to it though. Using less than half the water of a hinged D/W, the drawers only have a bad rap from unqualified techs who service them. Coastline Appliance in Huntington Beach was referred by K/A HQ to service our K/A French Door fridge. They quickly correctly diagnosed weird, unusual issues with Zero callbacks with both techs that came out. We couldn't imagine not having all the features and options that KitchenAid offers in their Architect Series product line.

My best investment

by: Ella

Location: Clarksville,Tn

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.


Submitted: 09-28-2015

I bought it when we moved in to my new house, and Ive been using it since. I absolutely love it, It is quiet, it is good looking, and it washes really good.
0-5 of 9 Reviews |