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Low Price Guarantee

My Appliance Source's Low Price Guarantee is our pledge to you, that we will deliver the best products at the best price everyday. If we are comparing the SAME PRODUCTS, My Appliance Source will match the price on any locally advertised product on the spot. Unfortunately, this does not include internet pricing/advertising, discontinued models, out of stock items, rain-checks, closeouts, or open box items. Black Friday and similar events are also not included.

Our price guarantee will compare the final INSTALLED price of your new appliance(s). Many times retailers hide their fees in inflated delivery or installation prices. Please consider the value of our services as you compare. If the price of a competitors product is lower, but the installation charges are higher, we will match prices dollar for dollar.

We understand the prices can fluctuate...our Low Price Guarantee ensures that not only will you get the best price TODAY, but also up to 7 days AFTER the sale!

As a local retailer, how can we be competitive with the big "chain stores"? We are part of Nationwide Buying Group which gives us BILLION DOLLAR buying power and allows smaller independent retailers like ourselves to buy the way the big box stores do. What this means to you is not only will you get the best prices, but we can offer you a level of service that only a smaller local dealer can provide!

We're the Best Authorized Service provider in the Area!

"We may be smaller...but we try harder" to earn and keep your business!